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Babysteps To Live Without My Baby


What an ironic title for my post. But that is exactly how I try to move on with my life. I am living my life day by day, not by weeks or months. I'm taking everything slow and don't dare to plan so much ahead into the future. This experience have somehow ruin the optimistic me. I am not confident for the future anymore. Thus, I believe everything is at hands of God.

Another 2 weeks I will start working. I hate the feeling that I will face a lot of 'sad' eyes looking back at me. All the condolence wishes that I will receive. All the words that may provoke my sadness. Or maybe someone who doesn't know that I loss my baby and start asking me about him. But all of this will soon fade away after a few days, weeks or months.


The thing that keep me sane is knowing that this is all Allah's plan for me and my husband. Perhaps there is something better awaits for us. Maybe this experience is meant to teach us something. To be a better person. Thankful and grateful of the good things in life. But one thing I know for sure, Allah work in mysterious ways. I really hope that there are rainbows after the rain.

I really hope for rainbow after this rain. Rainbow baby maybe?

The ring that I always wear, engraved AQEEL inside ;)


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  1. Salam Melna, Be Strong Sis. God knows the best thing for us...Understand ur feeling so much..

  2. btul tu mel..Allah ada perancangan terbaik tuk kita.kalu bkn di dunia ni,mebbe di akhirat kelak kan..kehidupan di sana adalah kekal.pasti kita akan jumpa anak itu di SANA nanti.

    jgn sedih2 k?be strong.kita cuba lagi k?ada rezkinya tu nanti


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