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Mysterious Missed Period


Missed period for FOUR DAYS already.

Since before I am married, my period cycle is always regular. Before it was every 28-29 days. After my pregnancy with baby angel Aqeel and the miscarriage, it has become every 30-31 days.

Well, when we are TTC-ing, we are very particular with every details regarding of our body. When is the time we ovulate? Examining our cervival mucus and everything. And after 2 weeks after 'expected' ovulation (which I only guessed), high hopes for missed period.

OK, now I have missed my period for four days already, but how come there is NO POSITIVE UPTs? Arghh, I'm stressed out! This is too mysterious and odd for me. When I was pregnant will my son Aqeel and my second pregnancy, I can detect pregnancy using UPT only after 1 days of missed period. This is all too strange for me.

To ease my doubts, I googled up all the possible reasons for this.

1) Maybe I am too stressed out, I think too much of TTC and this stressed me. (Yes, this is possible)

2) I am gaining too much weight. Obesity and underweight can cause missed period. (Hahaha, also a possibility since I ate a lot over the festive Raya celebration ;P)

3) I am not ovulating, thus no luteal phase resulting no period. (Hmmm, I don't think so. I thought I saw that egg-white stretchy discharge as a sign of ovulation at the pass two weeks!)

4) Miscalculating LMP? (Heck NO! I am TTC-ing, ofcourse I remember the last time I had my bestfriend Miss Menses visits.)

5) Change is schedule, change in medication? (Noooo, not that any that I am aware of!)

6) Menopause. (Hahahaha! Most unlikely, I am only 27! (T_T)

7) PREGNANCY. Okay, I also read that it is possible that I ovulate really late, let say 10 days before my missed period and the implantation take about 12-14 days to complete. So, I still have the possibility that I am pregnant and will get a positive outcome somewhere next week. *Wishful thinking*

Huwaaaa..I'm thinking too much and stressing a lot too! I must cool down. I am ready for anything too happen.

Must be patient..

Must be patient..

The UPTs sacrificed this month! Hahahaha!

MamaAqeel, sabar lah oi!

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  1. mel.. mel... hehehe mest serbe tak kene, gundha gulana sekarang ni kan.. ape2 pn rina doakn yg teraik.. hrp2 ade sinar nanti =p

  2. Hahahaha. A'ah Rina, memang betul. Serba tak kena je. Nak mengharap pun salah, tak mengharap tapi memang tak period lagi. Huuu~~~

  3. mel..kmk sama juak mel..5 hr dah miss period. 2 kali dh check tp -ve. mls gk nk check..tggu ujong bln mun xda juak..bok check gik.. :)

  4. Cool mel coolll... Be cool k... Mungkin sebab agak terlalu memikirkannya blh jadi macam tu.. So, find something, bz kan diri, buat macam takde apa2,insyaAllah perasaan terlalu memikirkannya akan berkurangan dan ada la rezeki mel..

  5. Kak Sue: Jeng jeng jeng! Ada juak kawan yang alami masalah yang sama. Kamek mala jak nilit ada sik. Hehehe. Kelak madah ngan kamek outcome nya k.

    Min: Itulah Min, agaknya Mel ni stress sangat about this. Tarik nafas dalam-dalam. Huhuhu

  6. Mel..kmk dh knk tembak hari mggu ya tek.. :p


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